Message to random hipster customer at coffee shop, who does not work there, who lectured me about when and where I am allowed to talk on a cell phone:

Wake up, it is 2011, not 1898. I understand that you think someone is only cool if they wear turn of the century Circus Costumes or Pirate Suits. But please, stop judging everyone around you by appearances. Just because I look like a business person and not a Carny, doesn't mean that I am caught up in greed, disrespectful, and a menace to your misguided sense of freedom.

As long as I am not wasting someone else's time, or talking in a loud voice and disturbing people, how is this different from you talking with your friend next to you?
just wondering.

Oh and by the way, the people who you were defending at the coffee shop with your rants about my supposed rudeness, are my friends. I see them daily, and they think you are a douche.

Next time you feel entitled to call someone out, to risk your reputation as a social critic, make sure you have the facts straight. The actual truth? Regardless of your opinion on the matter- they WERE NOT offended. So I must have done something right. Their shop... Their rules- not to be commented on by a passing hall monitor on social ethics or a weekend warrior in benevolence at best.

Now... for a piece of advise: Here is your path toward the altruism that you preach but have no foundation of practice:

1. Stop assuming you know anything about the strangers around you. The person who you are judging could be devoting their life to feeding the homeless. They could have had a close death in the family and making arrangements for a funeral on the phone. They could be the very person that would jump in front of a car and save your life.

2. Don't always assume the worst about people.

4. Examine only the thing that you have control over: YOURSELF!