To all you thieves out there stealing from our business/any business, let me just give you a breakdown of what's really happening. First this disclaimer, as a youth I too stole. Somehow I had 'ethics' about it, only corporations, and such (I stopped because well no matter what you called it I was a thief). Well we're not a corporation we're three people, who if you met us outside the business, as a stranger we would probably be friends. We're artists, musicians, dreamers, and we (employees included) hustle our asses off (in all these realms) to support the belief that it IS still possible and meaningful to succeed in this way of life. It isn't just for us it's for everyone-i.e if we can you can! When you steal, you have not just taken an item you felt you shouldn't or couldn't pay for, you actually stole the dream of an artist attempting to support themselves, you stole the freedom to trust in our community, you stole the well being and contentment of whomever was working, making them question you, and their own value as an employee. You have created guilt, and loss, which I consider not an assault as much on our business, but an assault on the ideal of any of us succeeding in our gifts, passions, and dreams and having a society that supports and flourishes in the happiness of every one's fulfillment.