To all the bikers who ride on Prescott instead of Going:


I myself, love riding my bike. I love riding it to work, for fun, and to bars. I also love all the facilities, especially the new(ish) bike boulevard that runs from N Vancouver all the way until 42nd(ish). The city was kind enough to spend more than a million dollars turning all the stop signs around except for the big intersections, put speed bumps in so the cars won't drive on it, and put nice little sharrows in to let us know it is ours.

Prescott is dangerous. Cars drive 45+ on the road and there is little to no shoulder. Why do you ride on this road? When I am driving and I encounter you "taking the lane" because it is your right, I want to pass by you, lean out the window and yell at you to ride on going, but I know how much I hate being yelled at when I am on my bike, so I don't.

Please move to Going before one of you get's killed. Unless you are a hipster, then I might be okay with it. #OneLessFixedGear