The roundabout at 39th and Glisan. Around rush hour, this place is a fucking prime example of the shitbird mentality of the Portland driver.
Everyone single files into the left lane to wait for their chance to continue on beyond the next turn.
Sometimes someone will try and merge towards the front but the true ASSHOLE is the one who punches right to the front of the right lane and scoots over left last minute style. These fuckers are sometimes met with honking and/or jeers but alas, they are on their merry way not having wasted any moments in any que.
You probably have seen all this unfold, sometimes as far as eleven or twelve cars back as you patiently wait your turn for dispatch.
Well, I am a scootchy cootchy man.
In this passive aggressive land of way to long a line, I have opted for the aggressive stance.
That's right, I cruise right up to the front and barge right in there. Don't like it? Fuck you. It's 5:30pm and I got places to be Jack.

Don't get me wrong, I abided for about a year until one day the line went all the way back to Burnside. The Doobie brothers 'Jesus is just alright' was playing and I just went for it.

Oh, and to the old man who threw a handful of crap at me last week, you missed!