The port occupation halted the incoming of products that most of you cannot live without: food, clothing and building materials. Yes, Longshoremen are well paid and may in fact have an interest in solidarity with the "99% Movement"; have you considered the thousands of seasonal workers in ports that are making barely minimum wage? Have you finally accepted that without globalization the American people cannot meet their own supply and demand for goods and services? The next time you check your iPhone for a tweet or message about where to meet up, where the protests are heading or where there's some good vegan food, think about it: this product was made somewhere in Asia, by someone making wages well above a life standard. The next time you strap on your Columbia rain jacket, the next time you lace up your shoes (almost any pair nowadays), the next time you pull out your smartphone to record an incident of what you claim is "police brutality", think about where your products came from. You are no more than a mere pawn in the world globalization scheme, you are doing absolutely NOTHING to fight it.