I work at a retail store for a major brand downtown. I very much dislike my job and “the man”, but I dislike you even more. You come into my store with your oversized, tattered Macy’s bags and a scabby, sweaty face (from getting high or withdrawal it doesn’t matter to me. It’s just gross) and try to steal. Sometimes you win, sometime I win. It’s a game to me. I love that you steal from these corporate assholes but I also love catching you. I enjoy running you out of the store mainly because I loath you, your scabs and your stench. I also get a kick out of the incoherent gibberish you always spew during your exit. “I’m going to send all my shoplifting buddies in here,” was my favorite. Bring it, sucka. I have a very boring job and need something to do. I will not miss you when I quit this stupid job. But, I will miss the game we played.