It really only happened one time, the sucking of the penis, and this Mexican had a certain allure (but a very small penis), however that tends to happen...grow to love your dude, my dude's were always Mexican. Mexican Mafia and shit...they always had both, black and white, always answered the phone, always showed up, shit...unless they were in jail, they would sure as hell come take your money. Mexicans are the hard working mother fuckers, oh its thanksgiving, no problem....Sex and drugs sell, do they not. As a kid I learned by listening, if I was exhausted by someones conversation, thats the kind I tried not to have. I don't know, everyone's different. Usually, when people start talking about drugs, I want to blow my fucking head off..."yeah dumb ass, addiction sucks, life is hard" whine, whine, cry..sob.."Oh, wow, crazy you stole some shit and it was sketchy" better GET BETTER because if your thinking your story is shocking or original, you probably just started doing drugs and you've probably got years of stealing ahead of you, WHAT, no get your own hustles fool...I HATE the words Euphoric or anything that people use to talk about how good their "high" felt, SHUT UP YOU FUCKING shit, you think millions are addicted to drugs because it feels bad....oh wait, there's where the fun ends..then the poor me, I hit rock bottom, Im a felon, My friends are Dying...I almost days clean