I'll miss sitting on my front porch, the smell of Pine State next door. When I told you a year ago that our power bill had increased dramatically, you acted like you didn't know why. As it turns out, we have been paying the heating bill for the upstairs unit in this duplex for the three years we've lived here. Instead of rewiring the house so the people upstairs pay to heat their own apartment, while you pay the bill for the common areas, and I pay only for the utilities in my own apartment, you are evicting a family of four. I've been paying an average of $200 per month, yet have to keep all our appliances turned off and cannot afford to heat my own apartment. When I asked for more time to find a place to live, because it's hard to find a place now that I'm disabled and in school, you responded by threatening to have us forcibly thrown out on the street. By the way, the basement is leaking again, you still haven't repaired the plumbing or the wiring, so the place is a fire hazard. Good luck keeping renters here in the future, because I intend to make it known that despite this being one of the coolest apartments in the city, it's unfortunately owned by a spineless little twat of a "man."