Hey. I have some news for you. Your MFA in 17th century English poetry does not entitle you to a job. I'm sorry. It just doesn't. Do you know why? People do not give jobs to poets as a rule. Neither does your degree in French revolutionary art. Or your degree in Hindu customs during the Easter Revolution. And those of you brave enough to try and get into the publishing industry? Good fucking luck. It's a dying profession.

Stop whining about how you wasted 7 years of your life and got to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt because someone, somewhere told you your useless degree was an automatic ticket to the middle class. Now that you're out, you probably need some job skills because that's the way it always worked.

And how about we stop looking down at the trades and telling people to go through the "education" maze. There's no shame in being a carpenter, or an electrician or a sheet metal worker. It's a job. And whose to say those people aren't otherwise intelligent? Just because they didn't do a capstone course?

Get off your classist high horses for two goddamned seconds and accept that no one owes you a job. And Portland employers, you do not need a degree to work in the Netflix call center for the love of god.