Fuck you too cool to wait!! I had a whole restaurant filled with people needing something. I was working by myself thank you! No one was trying harder than me to get orders in promptly, trying to be nice, and keep people happy. You and your duche bag friend didn't wait that long for me to get your order. I was slammed and stressed you told me I need to learn how to wait tables and that I am a stupid bitch because I didn't get to you and your tattooed fuck bag friend fast enough! I would give anything to know where YOU work so I can come in and tell you how shitty you are! If you can't be respectful and at least notice you are not the center of the god damn universe you should stay home!! Not only are you 86ed from my establishment if I see you around I will spit in your face you insensitive fucks! I hope you both get food poisoning!!