So, from what I have heard here and other places is that guys in Portland are "wimps". Maybe they're right, since I avoid confrontation whenever possible. Trying to change public opinion, I decided to take a stand and stand up for myself. I promised my internal wimp that the next time I felt like cowardly slithering away from something, I was gonna speak my mind! Damn if I didn't do just that today when some guy cut in front of me in line at the store. I gathered my courage, pumped out my chest for an intimidating effect, tapped my finger on his shoulder and said, "Hey dip-shit, get to the back of the fucking line!". Funny enough, the day, the minute, the second I decide to stand up for myself, this guy will have none of it and punches my lights out. Black eye for New Year's, great. Never again will I do this "standing up for myself" thing. It's just not for me. I will stick to holding in my rage and expressing it in the safety of my own one-bedroom apartment in forums just like this one. Damn you, courage!