All of you black framed glasses, plaid shirt and skinny jean wearing douchebags who have managed to ruin the impression for the rest of us, thank you. People claim to embrace creativity in this town, but I have found that it's limited to certain types of creativity. Painter? "Yay!" Sculptor? "So cool!" Make 'art' out of crap you found on the street? "You're sooo deep!" Play the guitar and write songs? "Oh God!" Especially in the dating world, if you play the guitar, it's a turn-off. I can't even make it known anymore, for fear of having the other person just roll their eyes and form a negative opinion. It's a secret that I play music now, all because you pompous and arrogant douchebags who can't play worth the crap have ruined it for the rest of us. Thanks a lot, douchebags.