To all of you who insist on complaining about posts submitted here... get a life, won't ya? Seriously, what do you think the purpose of this forum is exactly? It's for people to gripe, complain and rant about shit that bothers them. For you fools to criticize the actual complaining itself and not the topic, is just all around foolishness. "Man, why is you bitchin' here when you should have grown a pair and said sumpin at the time?!" "Another whiny liberal who don't got no spine or nothing. Go Perry!" I mean, do you people know that you're doing the EXACT same thing that you're fucking griping about? Let people complain here, it's sometimes fun and sometimes interesting, and yeah, it's sometimes annoying, but who cares? If you have to gripe, gripe about the ACTUAL topic the person is writing about, not about the writing itself. You ignorant, unattractive, likely overweight and living in shared housing idiots with too much time on your hands because you don't have girlfriends. Thanks!