Trash goes into the trash can, mixed recycling goes into the mixed recycling bin and glass goes into the glass bin. It’s a three way split that is less complicated than ordering a cup of coffee, but your business can’t master the concept. Well. I am done trying to use professional, socially acceptable problem resolution techniques to get you to stop haphazardly dumping bags of trash in whatever bin has room. Rather than sort your trash for you or try to improve your solid waste management skills through direct communication, I will return your mis-sorted trash to you. Everyday. It’s a dirty task, but it’s cheaper than everyone paying extra for your failure to properly sort your bags. Thankfully, you throw out your credit card bills, bank statements and professional letters, so it’s easy to identify your trash bags. If getting your trash returned to your assistant’s desk every morning doesn't work, than I will start calling your clients about your lack of security of their personal information. I get it. You don’t care about proper sorting of recyclables, but I bet you will care about having me call your clients with personal details of their accounts, you know, the nasty little notes you write about them in the memos you send to your assistant. So please, sort your recycling correctly. It’s better for the planet, cheaper for the businesses and much better than me calling your clients at 3 a.m. to talk about their accounts with you.