What in the fuck is wrong with you? You can't pull $5,000 out of your tight wad asses to try and pay market for a Systems Administrator? All the job descriptions on Craigslist are pretty much the same.

Wanted: Systems Administrator
Job Requirements: We will put you through fucking hell, not manage you and make you clean up the fucking mess the last person left.
Pay: Less than you made in 1998 because we are a "non profit" lolz.

Or help desk:
Wanted: IT Helpdesk
Job Requirements: Deal with dumbfuck users day in and day out
Pay: More than Stream by .50!

Stop driving the goddamned market down and pay people a living wage you dicks. And this goes for for profits too. Cut a measly $5000 out of your CEO's salary and give people what they're worth. I also wish you could tell people not to take these jobs but they're preying on desperation. Good job you bunch of fucking assholes.

(No amount of money could make me work for Eco Trust though.)