Dear asshole coffeeshop employees, why? Just why?
I am fairly confident I don’t put out too much negativity into the universe, so I found myself really caught off guard when you decided to put a blight on my afternoon.
Having seen your staff happily rinse out other peoples mugs earlier that day, I figured my request for the same wouldn’t be a big deal.
I didn’t initially catch your mumbled response, but I did see the sideways smirks to your friends at the counter. When I asked you to speak up, your sarcastic gem “do you want me to drink that too?” genuinely surprised me. I don’t routinely abuse other people in my line of work and don’t expect that happen to me.
I actually wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be in on the joke, or if it was at my expense. But in retrospect, I think you were just being a jerk. Luckily, your appropriately named workplace is awash with reviews recounting similar treatment, so congrats, it seems you’ve found a place to be a cliché.
Fortunately, there are plenty of other places to find coffee around PSU. So I’ll find what I need elsewhere. Hopefully you will figure out how to get places you want in life without the need to be unpleasant along the way.