First and foremost: Let me apologize to you my dear door bouncer, who formerly worked at a uniquely tubular shaped bar downtown,and who is now employed at a popular venue. Take this apology for the knife being pulled on you by my friend earlier this summer. Im sure you had no idea that when you slap a drink out of someone's hand that is casually stepping out for a smoke that it would prompt such  violent behavior, especially when the drink was full and the slap came in the direction of his face. In my experience, a man attempting to slap another mans face insights rage and violence. This was absolutely the case here. Casually walking to smoke, to a knife being drawn! You're fault buddy. Maybe you thought you had special powers because your hat was so clever that night, and you're feeble slapping attempt would instill wrath. Nope! You're theory was wrong Slappy, and he drew a blade on you. Wow! The look on your face was priceless, big man in a dumb hat was shook! My sympathies go out to you, you instigated a fight you couldn't win. Am I the only one who chooses not to fight rough neck piss drunk skaters? Even when I told you my friends were from out of town and I live close and could take him home and remove the conflict that you utterly lost control of, you still 86ed me for life. 

Post script: I know you don't work Mondays, and your hat will always be dumb