Oh old boss. We know now. A month after you left we all started comparing stories about you. How creepy you were. We started putting two and two together about how you spied on us. How you didn't know anything. Your narcissism. Your immaturity. Your lack of boundaries.

No one liked you. And by no one, I mean no one. Even people you thought liked you? Yeah. They didn't.

Everybody thought you were blowing smoke up their asses. And we know you tried to ruin us as you left. Do you know what the end result was? Well, I wouldn't come to anyone here for personal references. You burned that bridge motherfucker. And guess what? We all have a lot of friends in Portland (because we're not assholes) and they know your name.

Even our fucking vendors didn't want to deal with you. They thought you were an arrogant child who wasn't worth their time. We are so glad you're gone.

So good-bye you incompetent jerk. And may your next employer see through your smoke and mirrors early on.