I am sorry I told you to please shut the fuck up the other day. I wasn't wanting to embarrass you. It's just that we were on the bus and I was trying to read my book. You kept talking about some stupid bitch who apparently ruined your life. If you let any lady reduce you to screaming explitives about her on a crowded bus, then maybe you weren't that strong to begin with. Sorry to say. It didn't seem to bother anybody else though. They all had there white headphones on and stared morosely out at the grey world we live in.
Maybe I'm naive and should do that myself. Then you wouldn't have to keep your mental illness to yourself like everyone else does. You could roam the streets with your cock out, laughing and screaming and crying and publicly masterbating while the mediocre and the medicated watch indifferently to their Indy rock soundtracks. God this town is so fucking ugly sometimes!