first of all i was born in Reno, but was mostly raised in California. My mother moved me out here 7 years ago and let me tell you, she tried to make a difference in her community. she tried to gain fair housing laws for low income families as well as stop the developers from moving into town and exploiting the locals. in her particular situation developers where trying to build massive apartments under the demise of building affordable homes for individuals with disabilities, those that could not provide for their families and those on section eight. all so that the developers would get government aid to build these massive apartments, but instead they where taking the money, making cuts anywhere they could and then increasing the rent after a year at extreme rates that would leave people rather devastated. my mom was a victim of this and she tried to stop it. she went to the mayor and made several meetings with him, lawyers and the developments until in came down to the mayor telling her that it would be in her best interest and safty to move out of town. during this time my mother was also being harassed from various police officers. so im sure that it is clear that i can't move back to "where im from" and i don't want to so please for fuck sake don't yell at me to go back to where i come from because your a frustrated dick. you really need to think about maybe what has brought people to move here in the first place. I'm not an idiot that moved here. Places change.