First off, why are you driving on 23rd? You know it's a traffic and pedestrian nightmare. The even numbered streets on both sides are usually quiet and have way less traffic.

(This goes for you too cyclists. If you're too afraid to bike down 23rd then go down 22nd! Not hard.)

But the other thing is, you know those little stripey bits on the road? THOSE ARE FUCKING CROSSWALKS. People use them to cross the road. You know, cross the road by walking. You are required, by law, to fucking stop for people.

To the total fucking horrible person who went speeding through them and almost hit a woman (for the 50th time this month) you need to have your license taken away. I saw your angst. You were so sad :(((( you know what you should have done? Pulled the fuck over and handed over your keys to someone competent.

Get this, there is nowhere you have to be that's so important you can't wait for someone to cross the road.

As a side note, you idiots still going the wrong way down Burnside near the couplet, you've had plenty of time to adjust. Stop being fucking stupid!