To the fugly bitch that lives across Vancouver near PCC Cascade: A few hours ago I was halfway through a hellish day and digging in my car to find the expensive and oh-so-lost calculator that was lent to me, about to start my period any moment, full of FUCKING RAGE, when you decided to come out of your house and confront me. Yes, I am a student. What’s that? I can’t park here? When I told you the nice young man that gives out parking tickets told me I was perfectly fine to park here, you found it necessary to argue. When I told you that you should find something better to do with your fucking time than patrol public parking on the streets, I don’t think you realized how much I was holding back. What I wanted to do was tear your stupid fucking face off your stupid fucking skull and use it as my own personal tampon. You are lucky I didn’t eat you and your fat little baby alive. Some people have to work in order to attend school. Some people don’t have a break between getting off their job and making it to their classes. Some people have to fucking drive once in a while. I noticed the three cars parked in your double driveway. I also noticed you standing in your window as I walked away, calling PCC or the cops or who the fuck ever to complain. I cannot imagine having enough free time to sit in my house and concern myself with how strangers are parking on the public streets outside. How about you get a fucking life you nasty piece of shit breeder? I’m trying to maintain mine.