You are an unassertive, rude, turd of a girl. I don’t know who the hell raised you but I would hope that they would be appalled by your attitude and actions as well. One of your former roommates has brought to my attention yet again how lame you are. You sent her a passive-aggressive email regarding her slaving away in the kitchen for four hours since you don’t clean up shit apparently. You’re disgusting. You also use too much toilet paper, and then lie about it and never offer to buy any. I realize my friend may not listen to hip music or watch “cool” movies, but she is a nice. Unlike you, who she tried introducing to my boyfriend and me one afternoon and you attempted to walk by without even looking us in the eye. The best part is, you work at an “alternative” newspaper, so you probably think you’re much cooler than your roommate and her friends. You’re wrong. You’re just a stupid bitch. You’re the one who should be moving out, but no one wants to deal with you anymore. I hope you choke on your next sip of chardonnay and rot alone in your room. I doubt your roommates will notice.