I, for the life of me, will never understand why some of you horrible dog owners insist on wrapping up your dog's shit and then leaving it on the ground. What the fuck is wrong with you? So let me get this straight, you're going to pick up that warm pile of disgusting shit your dog left, wrap it up in a non-biodegradable bag, and then throw it in the bushes? Why in the fuck would you do something like this? Why even own a fucking dog? One theory is that you do it only for show...perhaps your dog took a dump when someone was in sight and you just played the part of the responsible dog owner? "Oh my beloved Rover, how dare you mess this person's yard with your pound of warm poo, let me grab my doggie bag, pick it up and dispose of it properly, like the responsible pet owner and respectful citizen that I am". Right? As soon as you're out of sight, away it goes into the nearest bush, to fester inside that plastic bag for years. You fucker, I hope you rot in hell neck deep in dog shit! That'll show you.