How was my evening you ask? Let me sum it up this way: watching 60 year old men (in the same room as your mother and father) fondle a young woman's nipples was not the way I thought I'd be spending my Saturday night.
In walked a tall, leggy woman with the largest breasts I'd ever seen in person. She was only wearing a bikini top, a g-string, and a skirt that didn't quite cover her butt cheeks. She instantly walked up to the 60 year old birthday boy and sat on his lap. I got to experience my first lap dance, with my parents sitting right next to me. Yes, I'd always dreamed of sharing a special moment like that with my parents. And, the best part? Watching my own father stuff a crisp bill into the back of a woman's g-string. Nothing says "family bonding" quite like that.
Maybe I'm a bigger prude than I ever thought. I was so uncomfortable sitting there, watching all these strange older men turn into wild animals taken directly from the forest and thrown into this habitant. I certainly hadn't planned on seeing the nipples of a strange man tonight (not to mention the fact that I saw his black underwear too).