Today I've lost some hope in Humanity because of you Asshole! You think someone is a good person and a friend but instead You stole 10 of my fathers pain pills when I invited you to my families homes. REALLY? My father has stage 4 cancer you FUCKING LOSER! Then you took and replaced my Sister-in-Laws muscle relaxers with Aspirin, She's Allergic YES, ALLERGIC to Aspirin. You're lucky she noticed before she took one or I'd be at you're house now bashing you're face into the pavement!. Needless to say you are no longer welcome Into those homes. So for all of you Pill-Popping Fucks, Next time take into consideration that the person you're Fucking over MIGHT just need the fucking pills more than you do and PLEASE Consider that they may be ALLERGIC to the Pills you're replacing them with. Get Treatment FUCKING ASSHOLES!