Dear Suddenly Infamous Neighbors:


Please be real please be real please be real
How is it apparent what "the rest of the world" thinks of them? And I doubt all the neighbors wrote this by committee. You seem uptight, prone to heavy exaggeration if not outright lying, and probably deep envy.
No, I've lived next door to people to put this...think that their "art" has more meaning that it actually does, and let me tell you: they almost never understand people with day jobs.
HA! And to think - not a single dreadlock, piercing, nor visible tattoo. No obvious indication that they're "occupiers", activists, post-modern hippies, street clowns, nor live in an art-centric home. THEY DON'T EVEN APPEAR TO BE HIPSTERS! Just two plain 'ol regular vanilla-looking, kinda Greshamy-looking White people.

You mean the way you just did about people in Gresham?
Now that my bar-name meme has petered out I'm too depressed to come up with a witticism. I'm going to go search the 1880 census instead.
...then head on down to the Rat Fuck to drown your sorrows?
They're my neighbors, too! Amen, additional neighbor.
@3....My God, it is amazing how you can pick up on that! Do you know Anon, or said neighbors? Or is this more of your "I am an expert on all matters, I am far more intelligent than you, and because I am a lonely cynical fuck, allow me to point out your perceived inadequacies horseshit" "Deep envy"? of what? Asshole behavior? How self centered and self entitled of you. Anyway, enough of your lame ass. Anon, why do care if they interact with you as long as they are not irritating you? You don't have to like everyone. Do you really want to get to know these people or do you just dislike their act? I suggest you (and your neighbors) be proactive as opposed to writing an IA
Note to everyone: the IA column is probably the worst possible place to complain about people writing anonymous complaints.
@10: Your irate, butthurt routine is almost never interesting, so I'm going to stop reading it. Pester someone else, kay?

Also: NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo NoPo and now I'm gonna go work on my art and then go to band practice, 'cause I'm in a fuckin' band, man,
So this guy is complaining becuz his neighbor is showing titties in her back yard? I dont get that spirit.
I'll just leave this here:
People in Portland think that being "tolerant" means not pointing out when someone is being a gigantic asshole.

Say it out loud: They're not "keeping Portland weird". They are being assholes.

I give you permission, liberal Portland, to admit that fact to yourselves without shame. You are empowered to tell people like this to shut the fuck up.
Looks like Showstopper is the new Damosa.
"You mean the way you just did about people in Gresham?"

I set my pocket watch to the precise predictability of someone picking up on that. Didn't take long at all for someone to take the bait, ha! Only thing is, i figured it would've been Geo instead of you.

If you don't know how to lie you shouldn't even try.
I am also one of the neighbors of these people and I agree with what he says completely! They need to learn to be a little more respectful.
The whole "the rest of the world now agrees with me that such-and-such" attitude here was irksome, but I'll acknowledge that maybe the neighbors' complaints here are all accurate and valid. It just sounded quite hard to believe: "constant nudity and the megaphone you use to call attention to it" -- that doesn't even make sense to me, but I guess it's possible that no exaggeration is involved. "3am bike olympics" -- also unclear what the exact behavior is. If they're being loud on a nightly basis, it seems like talking to them, and, failing that, noise complaints would be the simplest course of action. Especially if the entire neighborhood (and the rest of the world" now) is in agreement about the situation.
what the rat fuck is this person talking about? who wouldn't enjoy some 3am bike olympics? i think the phrase IA forgot to include was "thank you"
@20, that is more or less what I posted, minus your childish rant. Nice 180 by the way. Do you typically contradict yourself, or are you just unaware of the garbage you post?
The shitstirrer is a bit more accurate. Give it a try?
The complaints are goofy and seem fakey. Translating this I,A, to a coherent rant, I guess if the neighbors too are "lively" or just don't care about casual random noise or whatever is alright.
Last year my friend did these great comics about what it's like being neighbors with these guys! The IA writer is NOT exaggerating what it's like to live next to them.……
Erika, I like her comics very much. Thanks for the links.