Last Sunday afternoon, my boyfriend and I approached the Morrison bridge from downtown, about to set out on a two hour car ride to Olympia to see my dad. As we entered the bridge, a jangly, disheveled character jumped from the sidewalk, over the concrete barrier and barely missed getting hit by my car in what I assumed was an attempt to get hit. My boyfriend watched as I maneuvered around you and assured me that You weren't suicidal, just hopping over the barrier to collect something you dropped. I asked my boyfriend what it was and he said, "a ferret". At first I became wildly ecstatic that we could be so lucky as to be involved in such a bizarre series of events. A ferret dropped over the median and rescued just as swiftly! But the next two hours became a time of deep contemplation. We wondered if the ferret died or got hurt in the fall. My boyfriend thought maybe the ferret was dead to begin with because "it didn't really move"...and wouldn't a ferret run into traffic, or something? Then I began to distrust my boyfriend, thinking maybe it was a scarf, a fur scarf. This is the only forum i can think of that will ever give me a solid answer. I catch myself worrying about a hypothetical injured ferret and want to know if it's all in vain.