Wipe that phony grin off of your chinless, bucktoothed, ugly face. Stop wasting time at staff meetings with little stories about your childhood. Trying to manufacture crazy excuses for your unprofessional, dishonest, selfish behavior doesn't fool anyone. You're an ugly jerk, inside and out, and nobody wants to work for you.

You keep telling us how "competitive" you are with the guy who runs the other studios. Just because he triggers all of your insecurities (which, BTW, are totally justified, because you suck at your job)doesn't mean you're competitive. You're just envious and threatened by him. He's not all that; he's just competent. You are not.

March your huge ugly flat feet back into your hoarder's nest of an "office," sit that ugly flat wide ass in a chair and do some fucking work for a change. Pay people on time, the actual amount they earned. Follow through with one fucking project.