You know, it was a pretty fucking awesome day until you showed up. When you came in thru the door with those boots oh my God. You where so obnoxious asking the types of coffees served, with that loud strange pitched voice, and even you where aware that people where around you. When I fancied myself another piece of cake, I had to get behind you, because THE OTHER CASHIER WAS LISTENING TO MUSIC AND THEN WATCHING THE TV. You are not baristas, are cashiers. And then you fucking and fucking went and like couldn't speed up the process. I had to be at my friends baby shower and for your hipster attitude I came in FIFFTEEEN MIINUTES LATE, which totally screwed up the experience for me. I may not be a Barista, but I have a set of OVARIES to set THINGS STRAIGHT. Then you went and watched the TV with THE OTHER BARISTA, leaving me CASHIERLESS. You really know how to ruin one's afternoon, DON'T YOU???