Dear Occupy, After your rally last night you came into the bar where I work. There were at least 100 of you and you were totally loud and obnoxious. You went out the fire exit TWICE setting off the alarm, spilled a full beer and left it there with some soggy napkins and a banana peel inside the puddle, squirted ketchup all over like it was a kindergarten art project, and knocked glasses on the floor. THEN when I told one of you to stop acting like you were going to knock a plate full of food off the table with a pool stick, another one of you freaked out, screamed in my face, the bartenders face, and signed your $90 tab "NO TIP EAT A DICK"

THEN to top it all off, after you left, I found all the barf you left me, across a table, in two glasses, and all over the floor, which you "covered" with one of the Willamette Weeks with the Occupy cover you had all been bragging about. I know there are probably a few of you who really care about this "political movement" but the other 99% of you are just ASSHOLES.