I get it. You see a woman in a cute hat walking down the road with a cigarette, or stopped at a bus stop. You think that this woman is going to talk to you, or touch you, or want to have anything to do with you.

You're wrong. I wear my hat for my own amusement, not so you can approach me and tell me your life story. I am not public property.

Would you do the same thing if I was a man? If you saw a guy standing at a bus stop smoking would you tell him your life story? Would you try and fist bump him? Would you grab his arm and try and get him to listen to Marvin Gaye on your iPod? Probably not.

Women aren't there for you to harass. Yes, we're socialized to be nice to you idiots. And it sucks. There's a guilty part of me that doesn't believe in being rude. I hate that part of me. I want to tell you to fuck off.

And screw you guys who don't want to take responsibility for your privilege. Acknowledge that as a gender, women are so utterly screwed. We deal with your misogyny every fucking day (that includes you Nice Guys.) Stop and think for two seconds if the tables were turned, would you speak or treat a man the way you just treated that woman.