I don't live in this here city, but I do frequent it quite a bit. I come out of them mountains to bring my girlfriend to work, every Monday we make that journey down the Gorge. As commuting goes, driving down the Gorge twice in a week ain't all that bad. I gotta say, whenever I come into this here town, I see them boys that some of you might call "men". I see them in their tight jeans, woolen caps placed just right and leather goods of some sort adorning their attire that ain't never seen a day of work. My one thought when I come through this town is, how much time do these so-called "men" spend in front of the mirror? For a good goddamn, it must be 30 or more minutes that these guys waste making sure they look all purdy and whatnot. And is it purdy ya'll are going for, or wimpy? Ya'll wouldn't last a day out in the woods, or if your precious society crumbled. Ya'll be huddled up in some corner of the room, whining like some runt, searching for some water and whatnot. Dear lord ladies, don't you like men anymore?