What am I doing? You left me a week ago. Where do I start? I love you. I miss you. I’m hurt and confused. I’m sorry.

I feel sick; that phone call was the worst thing ever besides hearing you cry. I’m not happy. How did this happen and so fast?

I know things will be easier once I move on and out of this house. I think about you constantly. I thought I was making the right decision, as painful as it was.

How do I go back? How do I get you back? I was being so selfish and all I had to do was try. Try not to be so afraid.

I go through the motions to rebuild, but my gut is making me sick, as I keep pulling myself further from you. I am ashamed.

I am ashamed I hurt you. Can you recover from your wounds? Can we recover from this mess? Can I recover from these thoughts?

Confusion. Questions. This is not what I want?