That is right I am SKINNY
Not because I work out every day, and not because I completely watch what I eat, but because nature made me this way.
Much like your fat ass, with the exception that most of you can't avoid a fried food menu at a bar to save your lives.
Saying I'm naturally big boned then eating three plates of cheese sticks, and chili fries with your cocktail? COME on who are you trying to kid?
WE are all beautiful. I am not hating on you for being fat.
I am sick of YOU making fun of me for being thin.
Why is it so socially acceptable to make fun of skinny girls?
I for one am sick of it! Next time you do make fun of me, my bony elbows are going to hit you in your three chins, then my knobby knees will run faster then you can roll!