I usually have a rule that I will not allow a person's belongings to become lost or broken when in my care, but I made a very special exception for you.
I gave you the option of a painless breakup a month before you broke up with me, but denied me on the grounds that was "chickening out." If it was just the fact that you used that month to drain me of every spare penny, cigarette, and bud I had while trashing my room and withholding sex, your stuff would still be intact. But you also used that month to cheat on me with a mutual friend, leading me to believe you just wanted to hurt and humiliate me as much as possible.
I have no regrets "accidentally" smashing your irreplaceable picture CD's or pouring toothpaste on your favorite leather shoes. It was a pleasure to shatter every single one of your DVD's you left in my room. I can't wait to fuck another woman on your favorite bedding, and give it back to you dripping with her orgasmic juices (and you KNOW how good I am at making women wet, don't you?)
I'm not proud I broke one of my own rules, but I have to admit, after the cruel and sadistic treatment I've received from you, it felt good. DAMN GOOD in fact.
Thought you should know.