So the other evening I ran out of gas. I know dumb move... Police show up, (Yeah I'm saved!) No not so much. They tell me to keep starting the car, then inform me my battery is dead. I felt like I was in some Monty Python film. No officer It's not dead yet. They call a tow truck. I let everyong know I just need GAS. Nope they want to tow it to impound. WHAT???, I'm out of gas you silly peeps. Aparently tow trucks no longer carry any gas. He won't tow it to my house which is 3 miles away. I have no idea where Impound is but I see a $500 dollar bill in my future. I inform tow driver I can't affor that. I tell him I have $30. He tells me to go get it. Takes it and drives off. What?? Police drive me home. I walk to gas station and put in car. I start it up and drive home. Wow