A big sarcastic “Thanks” to the guy who switched out our recycle bin.
Now, we’ve had our bin stolen before, we’ve had people use our bin as a personal dumpster, and we regularly have all the returnable cans and bottles nabbed from it (which is fine) and a huge mess left in the wake of said acquisition (which is not fine).
Anyway- when you drove up in front of our house yesterday and started rustling around in our recycle bin, I bet you didn’t realize that my partner was sitting on our porch smoking a cigarette. I imagine you thought you were being pretty stealthy, but you made a lot of noise, and when you left my partner went and investigated your little crime scene. He discovered that you’d not only stolen our recycle bin, but had also mysteriously replaced it with your own, extremely filthy one. The bin you left us was foul, and filled with unwashed jars, a broken clock and vase, and a bunch of trash. It’s incomprehensible to me why you would do this. I can see dropping your shit in someone else’s bin to avoid paying a bill- or taking bottles to return- but swapping out bins is possibly the strangest form of property disrespect? Damage? I don’t even know what to call it, let alone why the fuck you wanted us to recycle your dirty hot sauce bottles but took our wine bottles (which you also can’t return). I don’t even really mind except for the fact that everything was covered in mud and grime and had to be hosed down. Honestly it was just a bit of a disappointment there wasn’t a good reason you did this, like finding a dismembered limb or something.