My husband who I love immensely and I got pregnant. Incredibly unexpected and seemingly impossible, yet there I was with child. Being financially unstable and aware of the overpopulation epidemic we decided to do the responsible thing and not create another human being. Don't get me wrong we want kids someday, but through adoption. I was nauseous, fatigued, stressed and overwhelmed with the process, and then I called you. Oh thank you Abortion Clinic, you made my experience so comfortable. I was concerned about the judgement, the looks, the whispers, I felt I was going to be seen as Satan. Instead all I received was well wishes and understanding. With all that's happening, this "War on Women's rights", now is the time for more women to come forward with good experiences and positive feelings that they made the right decision when going through these types of situations. I'm glad I had the option to choose, and I would be horrified to live in a world that stripped me of that right.