The best holiday of the year is sadly overlooked. Just because you're not forced to buy gifts or hand out candy is no excuse not to celebrate with a couple phone calls to your friends, family or even strangers. Surely you know someone who's refrigerator is running? How about their it running? Well - They better catch it!! Do they have their lights on - if so, how do they fit? Does your local butcher have pig or chicken feet? How do they walk? Again with how do they walk...does the guy running the rental counter at the bowling alley have 10 pound balls? 12 pound? Seriously, how the hell does he walk? It's Sunday - chore day. Why don't you do some laundry? Why not put some short (I mean clean) sheets on the bed to surprise your sweetie? And how long has it been since you called your mother? Or your Grandmother? Call Them! Tell them you love them! I guarantee that between them, one of 'em has Pop in a can...and he wants out!

By the way, your shoes are untied.