Why do I who I believe is a person of very respectable benevolent deeds have to share my part of the world and my breathable air with someone who I loved so much and who is now at the other part of the spectrum, life isn't fair.
Last time you promised me to come to church you arrived at my house at 11 am (half hour before the service) drunk and with 2 hookers that looked better than those in Hooters and said "wheres the party?". for Christ's sake we where going to Mass. To drink the blood of the savior, to pray, and to eat his flesh. Then you turned to me and offered me some "Vodka and Gin". Straight up. Your beliefs confuse me, the Pastor of my church is saying stuff about you and I think I better pray for you and those hideous hookers who looked like teenagers from a rave taken place on a cloud sometime in 2092.
Who do you think you are? I'll still be waiting next sunday for the day of our savior Lord Christ and this time you better not show up with male homosexuals and you all glittered and partied up like you did last time because if I keep my relation with you I can go to hell. May all leave in peace. Amen.