To the clearly underage drunken doucher at the Timbers' game on Saturday. I realized at halftime you and your buddies needed to leave the stadium to "pound a few" before second half and would unfortunately have to give up your general admission seats in the process. Apparantely, you did not. When you returned, eyes hazy and red, you demanded that my friends and I vacate the seats you were sitting in before the half. I told you "No." You must not have heard this word before as you starting belting out the word "faggot" to my other male friend and I. This did not phase me. The fact that this is the ONLY word you used for the following 20-25 minutes despite everyone around you asking you to let it go did get under my skin, however. You did not speak sentences. You did not try to fight anyone. You simply stared at us and, at the top of your lungs, yelled "faggot". I seriously thought about my youth and how good it feels to beat some ass and or get beaten up in a futile attempt to kick someone's ass. I wanted to hurt you, physically. I wrote you off as a drunk minor who will eventually get his. I can not afford to go to anger management because I let you get to me. I have a job, wife, and am enrolled in school. I have a happy life which looks only to get better. You are pitiful and disgusting. Had you come for the game I would have given you your spot back. Instead, you came to get "fucked up" with your friends and act like a lunatic. You are a disgrace to us all.