The first time I rode the critical mass was 4 years ago. As I waited for the ride to start, I gave a local news crew a sound bite before what was to come of the one of the worst day of my social life.

I saw you heading towards me & at that moment I knew you were going to be a tick that I could never get rid of. Wish I never said anything to you or ever acknowledge your sad existence. Since that day you "bumped into" me numerous time & places.

No I don't want to eat shrooms with you in the mountains or be your friend, I hate you! Two weeks ago I was waiting for the bus at the worst time ( "bus witching hour"). You drove pass me,lurking me out, then I guess you turned around to park your junker. Walked right up to me & started harassing me 'cause I didn't acknowledge you.

News flash I haven't said anything to you the last fifteen times you "ran into" me. By the way you need to stop stalking me & using drugs. Now move somewhere else 'cause I'm broke!