Dear Asshole resident of Sellwood Court Apartments,

I am not sure which of you assholes it is. I don't really care to be honest, considering you ALL pretty much annoy and piss me off. But one of you cretins in particular has a really bad, unappreciated habit of doing your laundry at odd hours of the night, and leaving your laundry (in all three of the washing machines mind you) for HOURS on end, so that no one else can use them. It really pisses me off. Considering there is no reason in this universe if you are doing your laundry at this time, that you should not be able to get them out, and at least put them in the dryer. I saw baby socks and clothes, so I am using it's the over weight yuppies with the loathsome baby that cries all night long, while the mother can't get her ass up and stick her tit in the babies mouth to shut it up. I guess that would be to much to expect from you given you can't even get up and put your laundry in the dryer. It would one thing if you were only using one or two of the three available washers. But you don't, you use all three of them. For hours. I guess I could be focusing energy and anger towards real problems, but I'm just going to kill myself soon so I guess none of that is of any real concern to me.