Oh men, you whiny bunch of fucking neckbeards. Especially Mercury commenters (and some of the writers!)

Wahhh, OK Cupid photo is flattering! Wahhh she doesn't live up to my incredibly high standards that mean I trawl through the Internet looking for a fucking date. No doubt because I'm an enormous man baby afraid of actually talking to people in real life.

And god help anyone who is female and comments here. You bunch of borderline fucking misogynist dickbags are too wrapped up in your pathetic little Nice Guy worlds. (And probably the same ones writing about OKCupid profile pictures.)

Here's a thought, no one fucking cares if you're not a rapist or if you think you're not a misogynist. If a woman tells you you are, YOU ARE, shut the fuck up and listen to her. And really, the next time you go whining about how a woman doesn't look like a super hawt character from a sci fi series, look at yourself in the mirror and shave off your neck stubble.