Am so happy, I never thought this day would come. I came with the dawn, the sprinklers didn't got me wet. A miracle from God. As I can afford it, I have my whole house computerized for my convenience. Once I pop in a DVD the popcorn microwave starts to run. The walls move, giving room to the surround speakers, and the lights dim in accordance to the size of my eye pupils until it's completely dark. The shades go down, nothing's wrong. The main brain of the house complex shuts down all incoming calls. (Specially those named booty calls 3rd rate). I kick off my shimmy 450 dollars high heels and dip my feet in a sweet infusion of mango and chualance to d-stress me. When the movie is about to start, everything is just perfect. Then you had to pull out the power chord OFF THE ELECTRIC GRID THAT POWERS MY HOUSE YOU IMBECILE! HOW YOU GOT THERE I DONT KNOW!