Some people benefit when services are cut and programs abolished. Down here at the bottom, what helps some of us folk out is a lack of government enforcement. Take myself: back in the day, when I didn't mow my lawn all year, the City would force me to do it. When I stacked piles of lumber and used tires in my driveway, there was an enforcement officer to tell me it was a no-no. Late night parties with drunken attendees yellin' and a'hollerin and pissin' in my neighbors yard would quickly be broken up by the police. I even set off fireworks at 2am in February and damn it to hell, some government dude told me to stop. Nowadays, I can do pretty much whatever I want to, and there ain't no one to tell me different. Hell, I'm selling tires out of my driveway as a side business and my biker buddy who lost his bike (DUI) has been crashing in an immobile RV in the street for 6 months. Let's not forget my 2 year lack of garbage trailer on my lawn with the blue tarp works just fine. Times are good for us folk at the bottom when funding is cut. Times are real good. You better believe I'm NOT voting for Obama as a bit of a thank you present to the Republicans! God willing, Ron Paul will get elected and then I really can do whatever I want.