It's a little hard to be anonymous when you are in my shoes, since apparently I am the most famous undesirable in town. Between nearly weekly appearances in Busted, and a feature photo of me in the Tribune (all for not having train fare) I am famous. So when I saw your knowing smirk and sidelong glance at the box office girl when I walked up to your theater I knew it was a bad omen. Searching for something to do on a Saturday night, I spot a local comedy figure walking nearby. Talking on his phone about a set he was to do later that night. I asked him where it was, and he directed me to your theater. When I approached the theater, the aforementioned douchey doorman smirked and when I asked him the cover for the evening he told me it was $20. This clearly was a lie, and he was quoting me an outrageous figure in an attempt to get me to not come into his establishment. He got his wish. Aside from simply being a dickhead move, I have to wonder about its legality. With recent allegations of discrimination against women in gay clubs for similar acts (selectively raising prices), I wonder if I have an actual case of discrimination that I could pursue. Either way, you can eat shit and die, douchey theater doorman. And I'm sure the comedian (or other performers) would appreciate knowing that people who want to see them are being given unfair barriers to entry.