If sobriety is what you want, what the hell are you doing bumping into me at bars?? You dumped me so you could "get sober" and "figure out who you are"; so I'm asking why I saw you at our old "Winchester" the day after I came to get my things from your place? I wasted away a year of my life catering to your every need (which includes but is not limited to: babysitting your son when you had to go to "band practice"; being your personal grocery shopper/cook/maid; paying your band rent when you were broke; all while being your personal chauffeur because you lost your license due to the fact you won't pay your tickets or your taxes). I am now going to be "that bitch" and declare before the whole world (through this Portland Mercury) that I now lay claim to every bar in town; and if you need to "figure yourself out" by becoming sober, by all means do it...however don't think it's something you can accomplish by hanging out in bars. Alcoholism is something that maybe a twelve step program could solve; or possibly even something getting a job could solve; alcoholism might even be something spending more time with your son could solve. Who knows? All I know is that if you dump someone for the sake of sobriety (among other things), don't be "that asshole" that finds himself sitting right next to the person he just dumped AT A BAR!! It's finally time for me to be selfish so here it goes...if the bar exists within Multnomah County...it is now mine; so stay the hell out!! -Anonymous