I am the parent of two teenagers and from the day that they could comprehend things, I've taught them to beware of strangers. We've all been taught this when we were young, weren't we? They have a program they teach in school called "Stranger Danger" and they have an alert system called Amber Alert that is activated in the event a child is abducted. I've read that a child has the best chance of escape before they are actually thrown into a vehicle and during this short time, the child must do whatever they can to get away: fight, scream and gouge out the eyes if necessary. You're fighting for your life in those few precious seconds. I don't sit around all day scaring my kids, but they do know of the danger. They know to fight and they know to run. I can't believe that I've been wrong this entire time. What I should have taught them is to let a stranger approach them. Do whatever the stranger tells you. Don't fight the stranger, don't run and don't scream if you're physically confronted. Do nothing at all. Assume this stranger is a diligent protector of freedom, a guardian of liberty who's protecting life, limb and property. Do everything this nice stranger tells you to do. Because if you don't, and you fight back or scream, this freedom fighter has the right, under the Constitution, to shoot you point blank in the chest and take your life. And you know what kids? You're going to be to blame for it and it's going to be your fault for doing everything that I have taught you.